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A speech by Zander will make you laugh, might make you cry, but will definitely A?leave you feeling that no matter what life gives you, you can MAKE SOME LEMONADE out of those lemons. You will walk away knowing that every day you have a choice about how to deal with the curves that life can throw you.


ZS_img_book2Zander met with a college friend whose brother had recently passed away. It was an offhand remark about not finding any books on sibling loss that sparked the idea that became the internationallyA?acclaimed book.


Since he was a boy, Zander has intuitively helped others. His natural curiosity about human relationships and behaviors drove him to find solutions to his friend’s and familiy’s challenges. It wasn’t until he was an adult that he discovered this ability had a name: Personal Coach.


9 steps to get started on positive pathways after sibling loss.

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Intro To Zander Sprague

The sibling loss expert

Zander Sprague is a speaker, author, and coach who has taken his life changing experiences and turned them around to help others who have also lost a sibling.

An award-winning speaker whose passion and enthusiasm electrifies his audiences, Zander will enhance and enrich your life.

His internationally acclaimed book Making Lemonade: Choosing A Positive Pathway After Losing Your SiblingA? has helped thousands of people who have also lost a brother or sister.

Through his coaching and mentoring, Zander will assist you in the grieving process of losing a sibling and help you move forward.




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