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Welcome to EPIC Begins With 1 Step Forward, hosted by Zander Sprague, bestselling author and acclaimed motivational speaker. If you’re looking to kickstart the EPIC chapters in your life, you’ve come to the right place! Here, you will find inspiring stories, practical resources, and transformative insights to guide you on your journey.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur scaling your business, a leader fostering a better workplace culture, an author penning your next bestseller, an athlete prepping for the big game, or simply someone striving to maximize their potential—this podcast is for you. Learn how to plan, achieve, and enjoy the journey towards achieving your EPIC goals.

Each episode showcases interviews with individuals who have conquered challenges to achieve something truly EPIC. You can do the same! With the proper guidance, timing, and skills that you’ll find here—your next step can be meaningful and impactful.



Taking One Step Forward, Part 1

Taking One Step Forward, Part 1

In this podcast episode, Zander Sprague and Aurora Winter discuss various captivating stories, including a 3 a.m. adventure, a risky suggestion at an adult store, and a thrilling encounter with an anaconda in Venezuela. The hosts share amusing anecdotes about peculiar...