Breathing Exercise

In this meditation, we are simply going to focus in on our breathing. So what I would like for you to do is find a seat that is comfortable, one that supports your back,your shoulders and your headand place both feet on the ground. 

 I would like to have your hands gently resting. They can be on your legs or on the arms of the chair,if that chairhas arms but I simply want them to be comfortable. I want you to be comfortable and relaxed.

Try to choose a place that is quiet and free of as much outside noise and distraction as possible. Now, close your eyes and start by breathing in through your nose, a nice deep diaphragmatic breath, one that you can feel down into your toes. Hold that breathe for just a moment and then blow it out gently as if you are blowingthrough a straw. I would like you to keep doing this andjust relax your mind.Any thoughts that come in, recognize them and let the mgo. If the thought of “oh, I have to do that” simply say “yes” and let that go

This exercise will help your bodylearn how to get more oxygen in and that is a great thing. Sorememberbreathein, breatheout, breathein, hold for a moment,and breatheout.Continuetodothis for a few minutes. You can set a timer,if you want or justdothis exercise until you feel thatyou are nice relaxed and feel energized. Then when you are ready, open your eyes.Look and discover the new world that is before you.





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