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As a professional speaker for over two decades, Zander has enthralled audiences with his presentations. His deft ability to talk about EPIC Choices leading to EPIC Lives as well as sibling loss and find the lighter side also has made him sought after by many diverse organizations and groups. Choosing A Positive Pathway ™ is a way of daily life for Zander and one that he wants people, the world over to understand and embrace.




This dynamic 1-day workshop results in participants living up to their full potential as individuals and as members of a team. People will discover what EPIC is, learn common roadblocks to success, and discover how to turn setbacks into triumphs. By the end of the workshop, every person will have claimed an EPIC personal and professional goal. The entire team will understand the strengths of each team member and will know how to harness their individual and combined strengths to achieve EPIC results as a team. People will leave energized, educated, and with a roadmap to success.

  • Learn other ways to leverage your strengths and the strengths of others
  • Create clear goals with timelines & deadline and clear action steps
  • Create a plan to overcome obstacles
  • Have immediate breakthroughs and leave with an actionable plan for an epic team!


Being a leader is challenging. This 1-day workshop inspires leaders to step into their EPIC. You will learn how to use your natural leadership abilities to bring out the best in your team. You will discover your unique strengths and the strengths of your colleagues. You will lean into your leadership style to build a loyal, productive, and engaged team. By the end of the workshop, every leader will have claimed an EPIC leadership goal. This will revitalize you personally and professionally. Participants will leave with a roadmap to plan, achieve, and enjoy their leadership journey.


EPIC Begins With 1 Step Forward:

This power pack speech is not only motivating, but filled with useful and easy to implement steps.

Epic Begins With 1 Step Forward reveals:

How to begin

2 words that will keep you on your positive pathway.

How to deal with the inevitable roadblocks and detours

TODAY is the day to embark on your EPIC Adventure!