Letter to Yourself

What I’d like you to do now is sit down and write a letter to yourself. For example, Iwould say “Dear Zander,…” Obviously you would use your own name. What I want you to first do is write down all the bad stuff, all the stuff you don’t 

like about yourself. Next, in a new paragraph I’d like you to write all the good stuff about you.It is my belief that the good stuff will far outweigh the bad stuff. I want you to focuson the good stuff. If you remember I talked in one of my talks about believing aboutyourself unfailingly.

Look at the bad stuff. How much of that is really real. Look at that. Then, justlikesomething that is unwanted, just throw that out. Don’t give it any more power. Say“I’m kicking you to the curb, bad stuff.” Now the bad stuff may be “I don’t eat well.”Well, you can change that. That’s why you are on this 30days to a positivepathway.

This isn’t a negative pathway, but it’s important that you put the bad stuff down andthat you see it, and see what may be blocking you. Where some of those issues arepopping up in your life and what you can do to get rid of them. All of thegood stuff,that’s all the great stuff about you. Read that. In two or three days and read thegood stuff again. I guarantee it’s going to be great

A different variation on this exercise, depending upon what your spiritual belief is,and you could sitthere and write a letter to God, whatever that might be for you,and then, write a letter back from God to you. I did this recently and found it to be avery powerful exercise.If you are more spiritual and that is going to appeal to you then you coulddo theexercise that way. Either way writing yourself a letter is a great thing.

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