Set and Achieve a Goal

What I’d like you to do now is I would like for you is to set a goal. You only have to do this for five days. Perhaps your goal is to exercise for five days straight. Or perhaps eat better for five days straight. The purpose of this 

exercise is for you to prove to yourself what I already know. That you can achieve anything you set your mind to. By only choosing five days we’re not building a new habit. We’ll talk about that in a minute.

 What you’re doing is you’re proving to yourself that you can say “I am going to do this for five days straight and then achieve it.” Any big change in our life takes steps.



 I know this personally, because I’ve run some half marathons, and some marathons and even a 50k ultra marathon. I didn’t just go out the door and run these. There was months and months of training, and I took it in small steps. I can assume you when I began on my quest to be an endurance athlete, I didn’t think that I could run 13.1 miles; that’s a half marathon. I simply followed the schedule and I had little victories. I had run further than I had before. First it was 5 miles, then it was 7 miles, then it was 9 miles, then it was 10 miles. With each little victory I felt so great about myself and I began to realize that I could do this. I simply needed to keep moving forward.





Whatever your little goal is, keep in mind you will be successful. I may be difficult.Chose something that’s going to push yourself a little. Make sure that when you achieve it you reward yourself with something.Write down what you’re going to reward yourself with. Perhaps if you’ve been eating better for five days, perhaps it’shalf of a dessert that you really like. If it’s exercising for five days perhaps you continue you with that, and you choose, perhaps,there is a new pair of sneakers thatyou would like. Or there is a shirt you had your eye on.

Whatever it is make sure you have a goal and that you reward yourself with that.Who doesn’t like to get a reward for achieving what we set out to do? When we hit a goal we should celebrate. It doesn’t have to be tangible. It could simply be sharing that news with your friends and family. I can guarantee that they will celebrate with you if you’re excited about your goal.

Remember, this is a small goal. They say that if you want to make a big change and have it become a habit you have to do something for 21 days and then it will become a habit. That may seem unachievable from where you sit right now, but if you do 5days and then say “I’m going to continue on with this.” Pretty soon you’ll hit that 21days, you wont even know it, and then you’ll say, “I’ve just created a new habit.”Perhaps its exercising, perhaps it’s eating better, perhaps it’s simply being mindfulof the way you talk to others or treat others, or the way that you treat yourself or think about yourself.

                               Feed Success NOT Failure

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