In this exercise we’re going to build a vision board. A vision board is simply acollection of pictures, phrases, words, things that will motivate you and speak towhat your dreams are. Think big. Even if it seems unrealistic

I want youto go ahead and put any picture that motivates you. Perhaps it’s a picture of a dream vacation. Or lets say you want to write a book, then it’s perhaps a picture of a book. It’s the words “New York Times Best Selling Author.” Vision boards are very powerful because they put into pictures and words what our dreams are. What I want you to do is take these steps.

Step 1: Go through all kinds of magazines, you can do a search on Google images forparticular images that you’re looking for. Download, if you’re downloading Googleimages, print them out. Cut stuff out of magazines. If there is a particular phrasethat you see in a magazine that strikes youcut it out.

Step 2: Get a piece of poster board. Depending on how big a vision board you wantto make. I can be 20×36, it can be as big or as small as you want, but make it bigenough so that you can see it.

Step 3: On a flat space lay your pictures and phrases out. Lay them out so that youcan see how it will look. Once you have done that I want youto glue or tape all thepictures and phrases that you have onto your vision board. When you’re done, hangyour vision board someplace that you will see it often.

What I have found is that I have my vision board right next to my desk. I look at itprobably 100 times a day. I find it inspiriting. It has such things as “Wish Upon AStar”, Today Show, MSNBC, Ellen, conferences, teleseminars, “My roadblocks are a mirage”, “Zander Sprague is the goto speaker, author, and coach for sibling loss.”“Left, right, repeat.” Then there are pictures. I have a picture of myself. I have apicture of a beautiful tropical landscape and there is a boat out on the waterthat represents having a nice vacation with my family.So I want you to dream big and dream large. When we dream big and we reachlarge we achieve these things. The vision board is here for you. Don’t worry whatother people may say. The vision board is for you and you alone. It doesn’t matter what other people think it matters what you think. When you put your drams down and you declare your dreams they will become a reality.

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