Ever wondered about the hidden potential of your mind? In this fascinating episode, we explore EPIC Consciousness with Dr. Anthony Emmett. Dr. Emmett spent over 30 years as a surgeon and has studied Consciousness in all its forms. He deftly explains how much more we can achieve if we learn how to tap into our unconscious mind. So join this conversation as we dive deep into the unseen world within, exploring how your subconscious shapes your reality, the connection between happiness and cellular health, and even the possibility of past lives. Get ready to unlock the power of your mind for positive change and a life that feels truly epic!

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Tap Into Your Consciousness, Unlock Your Epic Life With Dr. Anthony Emmett

I am honored to be joined by Dr. Anthony Emmett, who was a surgeon and is now an artist. Dr. Emmett, thank you so much for joining me. Why don’t you introduce yourself? 

Levels Of Consciousness

Good morning. I have been a surgeon and I have studied consciousness in people that I’ve dealt with. We’re going to be talking about consciousness. Consciousness is one of the great things that all of us are using. Right now we’re using our everyday level of consciousness but there are other levels and these other levels determine the way our life progresses and the way we have come to this planet, and been born.

Consciousness came into our brain, and our body while we were being formed in our mother’s womb, uterus. Now I’m speaking to you using my everyday consciousness and you’re listening at that level. If you become bored and go to sleep, you’ll be in another level of consciousness at a slightly higher frequency.

These different levels of consciousness work at different frequencies. We as a society haven’t understood the way we use levels of consciousness before we’re born, in this life, and after we die. We have different levels of consciousness we go to at different frequencies. This explains a lot of the apparent mystery of how it is that we come to this planet, we live a life and we die.

We move to a different level of consciousness, a different dimension of being and it’s all at different frequencies, which is what we haven’t understood. When you go to sleep, you move to a different frequency of consciousness that extends further than the one we’re using now when we are so-called awake. Sometimes we’re more awake when we’re in the other levels.


EPIC Begins With 1 Step Forward | Dr. Anthony Emmett | Tap Into Consciousness


That is interesting. I guess the first question I have for you is, as a surgeon, obviously when you go have surgery, most times you are put to your general anesthesia, you’re asleep in some way you’re sedated. Did you do any studies about what level of consciousness people have or don’t have while they’re in surgery?

Yes. They’re still conscious, but at a different level, a different frequency, and part of putting them to sleep is to settle down any sensations of pain or alarm. I did a lot of surgery under local anesthetic. You could converse with people and distract their attention from what you were doing. At the same time, you would remove pain by the use of injected local anesthetic.

Absolutely. You also might use a, sometimes you’re using local, but you’d give them an amnesiac like a versed or something.

Something to calm them but at the same time, you can calm people by conversation. When I was operating on children, I had a picture on the ceiling of a castle with windows and apple trees around with apples and birds. I’d have the children count the number of windows in the castle. While they were busy doing that, I’d slip the local anesthetic in, and then I’d do the operation and they’d still be talking to me when we’d finished.

Their attention was totally on the subject we were discussing. It’s the same with adults. You find that topic of conversation, their interest, and get them to start talking to you about it. You’ve finished the procedure before they’ve finished their story. You can make all of this quite pleasant, depending on how you approach people.


That’s interesting. I know that you retired. Do you miss doing surgery? Are you like, “I spent 35 years doing it and I’m done?”

No, I loved it and I missed it. I became a sculptor. As an artist, I became a sculptor when I retired, which satisfied my desire to continue creating. I became interested in the self-image of people. We all have a self-image. When we are being formed in our mother’s uterus, consciousness comes into the body and the brain.

Consciousness is a remarkable energy form and we never lose it. It simply changes to different levels and different frequencies. When you are initially born, you start to form a self-image. This self-image is very important. It is guided. In the first two years of your life, you learn love from your mother. This is very important.

In the formation of a person, different schedules have to be met and in the first two years you have to learn love, what it is, how you apply it, how it will be in your life, and how it becomes part of your self-image which is stored in your subconscious. The subconscious is part of your overall consciousness but it’s part of the unconscious, it’s not in your everyday level that we’re using right now.

All kinds of things we store in the subconscious and they’re then part of our unconscious mind which works much more quickly than the conscious mind. For example, when you get up from your seat, you’re walking, but the movements you’re walking, you learned a long time ago and you filed them in your subconscious. The unconscious mind produces what you need in your conscious mind and it does it very quickly and very accurately such that we’re often not aware that we’re doing that. It’s the same with the self-image. It influences what you want to be, what you want to do, and who you think you are.

The self-image influences what you want to be, what you want to do, and who you think you are.

Tapping Into Our Brain Power

What I was going to ask about that is, do you think that there are ways that people can tap more into that subconscious part of their brain on the conscious side? I mean utilizing more of our brain power because they say that we only use 15% of our brain but still not a lot of it.

It’s like an iceberg. The little bit up above the water is the 15% that we use in our everyday conscious level, and the 85% is your sleep level, your subconscious and you’re higher consciousness, all of which connect you to infinity when you want to but they work at different frequencies and understanding that at a different frequency, you get into a different level of knowing, being and connectedness.

It’s always been like this, but people aren’t taught the way it works. I’ve thought it’s quite important in this stage of world transition that people have more idea of what they’re connected to in their conscious and unconscious being. When I operated on people, I would be reconstructing them, putting things back together again, or repairing things that hadn’t been right when they were born.

In all of this, the important thing is the way you respond at your conscious level because you are what you think you are in your mind. If you think you’re happy and well, then you influence all the living cells of your body, each of which is conscious and you give the cells, particularly the immune system, which governs your health. If you are happy and laughing, you give laughter and love to all of the individual cells in your body. When you say you’re well, then you’re well on the way to being well, because each cell in your body is conscious and you influence them to what you’re thinking.

I couldn’t agree more. About a year and a half ago, I shattered my shoulder in a mountain bike accident and also broke my humerus, had to have surgery. I honestly, from when I told people about the accident and said, “I’m going to be fine. I’m going to get back to most of where I am.” I was aware I wouldn’t have a full range of motion in my shoulder because when you break the head of your humerus into nine pieces there’s only so much they can do.

They can repair it but you’re still going to have some residual stuff. I firmly believe that my recovery is because I believed wholeheartedly that I was fine and that I would recover. I’ve said often that I think sometimes our state of being, how we feel, and especially when it comes to aging, if we believe we’re young, we don’t feel old.

Yes, I agree completely. The key to it is understanding that each of the individual cells in your body is separately alive and is separately conscious and has a memory. You can project to that memory and to that cellular population, firstly by not thinking you’re old and finished, secondly by believing you’re well, and thirdly by believing in your happiness.

Each of the individual cells in your body is separately alive, is separately conscious, and has a memory.

See, happiness is a choice. It’s a choice you can make every day. You can decide to be happy and that will influence the whole of your body’s population of conscious cells. We don’t think of it that way, but it’s a good way to approach each day and consider that it will be a good day. Remember that consciousness, which we are using now, broadcasts.

Everything in the world has its level of consciousness. We don’t have any way of measuring that. Science can neither prove nor disprove a lot of what I’m going to say about consciousness. In your unconscious mind, your deeper conscious mind, the hidden 85%, you connect with deeper levels of consciousness at a higher frequency that run the whole show, that keep the world turning and alive.

Everything is connected with one level of consciousness or another. We don’t realize that very often, but it pays to know that what you’re thinking radiates and can be detected and in your higher consciousness, that’s what you’ll change to when your body dies. You will still be you but at a different frequency and a different level of consciousness. Your energy is not lost. It simply changes form. That’s the first law of thermodynamics. Physics agrees with all of these.

Physics is one of those immutable forces that rule us. Yes, we can’t argue with physics and when we try to, we normally lose.

Yes, and the key thing is to live happily. You can be happy. Whatever’s happening. It’s an attitude of mind. As you choose to be happy, you will inevitably improve everything you’re doing, and everything you come in contact with because you radiate happiness. That affects other people. It affects all the cells of your body and It makes the world a better place if everybody is happy.

The other thing is, that you can forgive others for what they’ve just done. You don’t have to be angry because as you get angry, bitter, and unhappy, that depletes your own being. It depletes your cellular health and there’s no need for it. If you could teach everybody to forgive the world would be such a better place.

I totally agree.

We don’t have to get angry. We can see the other point of view, forgive them, and be happy. It benefits us as well as the rest of the world.

Absolutely. I guess as a mental health professional, I hear that. We are talking about our view of self and our consciousness. That pesky ego sometimes gets in the way of forgiveness at times, because we don’t want to admit that we were wrong or that we want to consider someone else’s opinion, or what’s going on with them. I do agree. The world would be a much better place if we all practiced a lot more forgiveness and considered what else may be going on for the other person.

Your Unique Consciousness

I’ve written this book called Your Unique Consciousness because when consciousness comes into your body as you are being formed in your mother’s womb, or uterus, it’s a particular one-off code-type consciousness that’s unique to you. That’s what you will record all the events of this life in and when your body dies, you simply change frequency to another level.

What is the unconscious mind during this life, you move to a different frequency of that consciousness, which moves to a different dimension. This world is made of atoms. Now in each atom, if you look inside the atom, It’s a force field with particles at a particular vibrational frequency. This dimension of life that we’re in now, there are other dimensions of life around, but they’re at different frequencies.

There’s a relationship between the frequency of your consciousness and the frequency of the matter of the world that is around you. In your consciousness, you can influence events by wanting them to be that way. If you want something very strongly and you hold that in your mind at that particular vibrational frequency, you will influence the course of events that are occurring around you.


EPIC Begins With 1 Step Forward | Dr. Anthony Emmett | Tap Into Consciousness


This is well recorded throughout history. Different clever people, prophets, and philosophers have known this for a very long time and we know it now. If you sincerely believe that a thing is or should be, and you hold that belief, you will influence the course of events in this world and the other dimensions around you.

Interest In Consciousness

That is very interesting. I have a question for you, Dr. Emmett. When did you become so interested in the consciousness, the unconscious, and this whole area of study?

As a child, I grew up in the tropics of northern Australia and my father was the only doctor and surgeon in the area during the Great Depression and World War II. In the 30s and 40s, we used to repair things when they broke. We didn’t throw them away and get a new one. My father was so busy looking after the population that it fell to me to repair the things that went wrong in the house.

Even when I was seven, I was being given things to fix. I learned then that if I didn’t know how to do it. If I simply sat with the object and waited, the knowledge of what to do would come into my mind and I would do it. It’s been like that all my life. I’ve had a voice within. I thought when I became a medical student, I decided quite early on to do medicine and surgery as a career.

My father’s surgery was attached to the house and because I was a fair-skinned kid in the tropics, I had to keep out of the sun and I knew this. This was before sun filters. I would read my father’s books and the pictures at a young age were easier than the words. Anyway, I learned that whenever I needed to know something, it would come to me when I wanted it.

I assumed everybody had this, I think everybody has, but a lot of people don’t listen to it. I became early interested in my voice within and I’ve had it all my life. I at one stage believed everybody had it, but it’s obvious that many people don’t or they don’t listen to it. When I was in medicine, I thought it would explain a lot of the things I wanted to know, but it didn’t.

After I retired at the age of 61, I spent five years retraining as an artist and during that time, I spent two years with a talented clairvoyant going into my unconscious mind to learn more. There I met a very talented, gifted person called Sathya Sai Baba who was alive in India, but I was working with a clairvoyant in Wesfil, Australia and he was there in the other dimensional form.

I was shown events in my past life and this proved to me the reality of the spiritual level of life that could know what I’d been a couple of thousand years ago. I’ve always had an interest in what’s going on in the unconscious mind and in the conscious mind of people I was dealing with. I also became aware that the result that I produced was related to what was going on in the subconscious.

You see, when you do surgery, you begin a complicated physiological process. The response to injury in the body is quite a complex process and you start this, but it’s influenced by what’s going on in your subconscious mind as well. The whole thing ties together. When we study anatomy, we’re only studying the energy. It’s like just looking at the mechanism in a TV set. That’s not what brings it to life. It’s the energy flowing through it that makes it work and it’s the same with us, with our mind, with our body, every bit of it, all work at different levels, and frequencies.

Not Yet

Definitely. Now, here’s something that I am going to take a bit of a detour here for a moment, Dr. Emmett. One of the things that I talk about in my book, and I think is a very powerful force in all of our lives, are two words, which is, “Not yet.” “Have you finished your sculpture?” “Not yet.” It doesn’t mean that you’re not going to, it just means today it’s not done.

I’m going to guess that if you’re creating a sculpture, it may take you some time to complete it the same way that when you were a surgeon, you would start a complex surgery five minutes in, “Are you done?” “Not yet, I still have work to do.” The question that I like to ask all my guests is, what are some of your, “Not yet?” What are things that you think of and say, “I’d like to do that.” “I’d like to go here.” Whatever it is, what is one or two of your, “Not yet?”

The first thing is that time is part of the construction of matter. Everything is related. All time is now, past, present, and future in ways that we don’t understand. Remember, we’re thinking with our human consciousness which doesn’t understand the whole thing. We are only looking at part of the picture. Everything is in the process, and when I often will do an initial sculpture in clay. And that, as you’ve just said, is a process.

There are many materials that you can use. Plasticine is a form of wax but it’s only one stage in the sculpture because the next stage is you take a mold of that. You can take a silicon mold of it. If you want a bronze, you can cast it into wax at that stage and use the lost wax process in a foundry to create a bronze. You can also mix a polyester resin with bronze powder. You can mix five times the weight of the powder with the polyester resin.

You can put that into your silicon mold and make a sculpture that way. Nothing is ever fully finished. Everything is in the process of development and that applies to the whole of your life. The other thing is you can change the frequency of your thoughts. You can be daydreaming or you can go to sleep and move into a different frequency of connectivity.

Nothing is ever fully finished. Everything is in the process of development, and that applies to the whole of your life.

In your deeper consciousness, you can connect with all levels of the universe. Absolute consciousness is in the universe and has always been called different names, God, whichever religion is describing. A God is absolute consciousness. Everything is conscious. Everything created retains a level of consciousness that we don’t understand, but it nevertheless is a conscious level that is connected to the creator.

Just as you have within in your deeper consciousness, connectivity to the creator of all things, and that gives you great power. With the right approach, you can ask for things, you can wish for things, and if you hold a thing firmly in your mind and believe it, it can come to pass. It will come to pass if you ask and hold properly. This has been known through the ages. The ancient Hippocrates and the early Greek physicians understood the power of suggestion in creating good health. They use this extensively. You can do this yourself, you can get professional help to do it.

People have been taken back by hypnosis into previous lives, but you can do it in deep meditation, which I’ve done. I spent two years doing a session a week, going into past lives to understand the mechanism. In the process of studying what I’d been in different existences through the thousands of years, I learned many things about the process itself and the entities involved with it.

That is fascinating. I think our time is almost up here, Dr. Emmett. I want to thank you so very much for joining us and sharing all this fascinating information about consciousness and the totality of it and how it affects our whole life. It’s just been fascinating and I’m taking some of that away and saying to the universe what we want so that we can manifest it. I think that’s a very powerful message.


EPIC Begins With 1 Step Forward | Dr. Anthony Emmett | Tap Into Consciousness


Yes, and belief comes into it. You must believe in what you’re holding in your mind and that gives it a great power. That power is manifested through your connectivity to higher consciousness, which you do by getting into that frequency. You do this to a degree in sleep. The mechanisms of what happened in sleep, I describe in the book. The whole thing is quite fascinating in the detail. I’ve attempted to put all the details in. I have enjoyed talking with you.

Thank you. Where can people get your book, Dr. Emmett?

If you go to the Amazon central author page, you’ll find me as Dr. Anthony J Emmett. I have written several books about art sculpture, and consciousness. This latest one is Your Unique Consciousness, which I’ve attempted to put in the things that people can use and understand. I’m attempting to produce more understanding so that we will be a more tolerant world. In this overcrowded, overheated world, we must understand who and what we are and how we can help the planet. One of the things I see, we are all breathing oxygen.

Oxygen is produced by photosynthesis from green leaves and there needs to be a certain relationship between the bulk of humans, we’re now 8 billion, and the bulk of forests and greenery to produce oxygen. Throughout history, we’ve been cutting forests down, but we now have the wealth to start planting them again and the means to provide them with the right sort of water. All of this, we now have the means and the technology. What we need is the will to do it and we can.

Absolutely. Again, I want to thank you so much, Dr. Emmett, for joining us. I want to remind my readers that epic choices lead to the epic life that we would love to live. I look forward to talking to all of you again soon.


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About Dr. Anthony Emmett

Dr. Anthony JEPIC Begins With 1 Step Forward | Dr. Anthony Emmett | Tap Into Consciousness. Emmett was a reconstructive plastic surgeon who worked for many years repairing children with congenital deformities in Queensland, New Zealand, England and Brisbane. He also reconstructed adults and became interested in the way the subconscious level of thinking guides our choices in life. He saw the self-image held in the unconscious levels of mind influencing his patients. He produced lectures, surgical journal articles and books on the surgery of repair, aspects of reconstruction after removal of skin cancers. He had written on skin cancers in medical books and general-public books, and was on the Editorial Board of The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery. He was made Clinical Professor of Surgery in Brisbane in the years there teaching medical students.

After retiring from surgical practice, he moved to Bowral NSW and worked for five years, retraining as an artist and sculptor, signing his works as Tony Emmett. He worked at sculptures of the human spirit and paintings in abstract form. Having been a photographer since 1949, he portrayed that which was beyond the camera lens. Sculptures in ceramic, resin, plaster, steel and glass were created and shown at various exhibitions at the Bowral District Art Society gallery. He has a sculpture store of works in all materials, and paintings in acrylics and watercolor.

For two years then he also did sessions of meditation seeking the source of knowledge which would come to him as a child in North Queensland, when his father, the town doctor and surgeon in Ayr would give him all the broken household objects to mend. Knowledge from nowhere would come to him when he needed it; sometimes for quite complex objects needing repair. To prove the existence of the plane of spiritual knowing, to himself, he did sessions of deep meditation with a clairvoyant called Beryl in Moss Vale NSW, once weekly for two years. She charged no money for her work, and was a talented medium.

Beryl worked with Sai Baba who acted as provider in the spirit dimension, and would guide, showing details of previous lives which were of relevance to the current life of Dr Emmett. Sai Baba lived in India but was present in Spirit with Beryl in those years: she never went to India but He was with her daily, and so Dr Emmett had known Sai Baba in spirit for four years before going to his Ashram in India. He went there three times over a ten-year period, and also went to see John of God in Brazil with his wife: they went twice and studied the remarkable healing there.

The knowledge of the mind activities involved with seeing beyond the conscious level became a great interest and he started writing books to record and educate.

Currently he has written a variety of books, some published in India, some published by Joshua Books in Queensland. He lives and works in his studios in Bowral and is Patron of the Bowral District Art Society. He has given sets of 6 two hour talks at the U3A, the University of the Third Age, on Power of the Mind, which looks at the levels in our conscious and unconscious mind we use to understand the reality of our existence and eternal life.