In this engaging podcast episode, Aurora Winter joins Zander Sprague, a dynamic entrepreneur, author, and speaker, discuss the powerful impact of adopting a “not yet” mindset. Zander, now in his seventh week of pursuing his goal of becoming a top speaker despite pandemic challenges, shares his experiences. The conversation also explores the strength of optimism, resilience, and the transformative journey of achieving dreams.

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The Power Of NOT YET

I’m here with the amazing Zander Sprague, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. We are going to be covering such an exciting topic, not yet. These two words can change your life when used in the right circumstances. Before we get into the topic of not yet, let’s hear how Zander’s brave, bold decision to step into being a world-class speaker is going in only week number seven of his declaration that he’s going for it. Pandemic or no pandemic, he is on fire. Tell us about how things have been going in week number seven of you turning on the gas with this goal.

In week number seven, I like to focus on the positive. Let me first start off with stuff that I didn’t get done this week or didn’t work so well. I need to do some updates to my website. I have been putting it off and putting it off, and it didn’t happen. I’m trying to be gentle with myself. Going and doing work on your website when you’re doing it yourself, as you might know, can be nerve-wracking because if you mess something up, you can mess everything up.

Everything crashes.

Let me try and do this. What I need to put up is some text stuff. Theoretically, it isn’t hard. I need to go do that. I had intended to see if I could get a video opening, find some music, and create a video opening for Epic Begins With One Step Forward. I didn’t do that. That’s the stuff that wasn’t working well. What was working well is I am on a roll with doing my own like you and I, but doing my own additional episodes. I’ve done two with my friend Warren. I’ve got one set up for with my friend Heidi Horsley. She will be talking about Epic Unexpected. She lost her brother. She’s also one of the leading experts on sibling loss. I’m talking to her. I’ve reached out.

You mean she’s the number two expert on that after you?

Yes. I’ve reached out to a friend of mine who’s an actor in Hollywood. He is in movies, on TV, and other stuff because he commented on a photo of mine, and I’m like, “It’d be great to talk to him.” It’s being open to who I can get and the conversation.

You’re on a roll with that. Not only has this spoken author taken the work and the tedium of staring at the blank page out of your next book, but you have stepped into being a podcast host and interviewing a bunch of people. You’re on a roll. Well done. That’s huge.

I love this ability to create an episode for my YouTube channel, take the audio and make it the podcast. That’s exciting.

Yeah, it’s great. You can potentially use Anchor to host it. They make it easy to monetize your podcast, too. I know. They distribute it to all the channels. They were bought by Spotify. There were a couple of things that you didn’t get done. You didn’t get the progress on your website that you had hoped and you didn’t get the video audio intro done. Were those time issues or was there some other stumbling block?

Procrastination. I’m going to own it. It wasn’t necessarily that I didn’t have time. I thought about it and didn’t do it, though.

Not Yet

Why don’t we dive into the topic, which is not yet. I love this topic and I love those two words. They’re actually so powerful and so delightful, and yet I think we use them very rarely. When I lived in Indonesia when I was a teenager and my parents were in Indonesia on a Canadian international development agency project, we go into the market and in my very poor Indonesian, I asked a woman if she had any children. She was of grandmotherly age, and she would not say no. She would say not yet. I loved the opening that that provided for all kinds of things. “Are you married?” “Not yet.” “Did you get your MBA?” “Not yet.” “Have you spoken to your audience full of 10,000 people?” “Not yet.”

I love the optimism. In preparation, I was like, “What’s the definition of not yet?” According to Dictionary.com, it is used to describe something that is expected to happen but has not for the moment. Absolutely. I love the optimism of not yet. It’s so positive and it’s so hopeful.

The definition of not yet, according to Dictionary.com, is used to describe something that is expected to happen but has not for the moment.

As the God of enthusiasm, two positive and hopeful words would be right up your alley. It’s also a great shield for those of us like you who’ve got big, bold dreams and are living large and going for a massively transformative purpose. If people say, “Have you made your first million or have you done X, Y or Z?” Instead of no, which feels like a little kick of shame or self-doubt, not yet maintains the optimism and confidence

It does. I think it tells people who may be the Negative Nellie’s in your life that it’s in progress. They need to back off.

Those wet blankets can steal so many dreams.

They can. A famous quote from Eleanor Roosevelt is, “No one can make you feel bad without your permission.” That’s so true.

I love that quote. I remember the first time I came across it, I was like, “That can’t be right. It’s that person’s fault that I feel like crap.” That was a long time ago.

Think about it this way, Aurora. If you’re walking down the street and some complete stranger says something negative about the jacket you have on like, “That’s ugly,” and you don’t know this person at all, it probably doesn’t bother you at all because you don’t know them and their opinion doesn’t matter. Yet if your brother said to you, “That jacket’s ugly,” it would affect you.

Especially if it was the gay brother. The scientist brother’s got no taste.

No, I know, but what I’m saying is someone whose opinion matters to you, all of a sudden, even though it’s the same exact comment and you could deal with both of them the same way, you say like, “They don’t like it.” Doing what I’m doing, there are a lot of people who don’t understand, and people who look at success monetarily for right or wrong. Certainly, I fully make this monetarily rewarding for myself so I can help more people and do more work. The fact that I can’t say, “Yes, I’m doing this and I’ve made X,” doesn’t mean that I’m not successful. I’m creating all of this content.

Although I have a big beef with all the people online who say, “I’ve made $1 million,” I want to hear about the first time that you came across not yet in a second. I want to rant for a second because so many people online talk about their gross figures. They brought in $1 million or they did X, Y and Z. Who cares? You can bring in $1 million and spend $1.2 million and you’re $200,000 underwater. Nobody talks about their net.

Also, you can make $1 million and have an absolutely miserable life because you’re working 80-hour weeks doing something you don’t love. As you were saying, Zander, I think success needs to be defined by each person. It’s far more than material success. I wouldn’t want to have material success and no health or no relationships or no joy or no meaning.

Success needs to be defined by each person. It’s far more than just material success.

For you and for me as well, creativity and making this show, it’s so much fun. It fills me up with joy. You’re going to turn it into a book and you’re speaking. It’s high leverage as well. Anyway, so that rant. I even have friends who were in a mastermind group with me and everybody was focused. Mastermind leader was focusing us on making $1 million.

A number of them did. They would share on the next call, “I did it and I’ve got $12.95 in my bank account because I had seven salespeople and this staff and that turnover.” That sounds like misery to me. Anyway, back to you. When was the first time that not yet came up for you in your life, and why did you decide to devote a chapter to it in your upcoming book?

The first time I actually read about this was reading Robert Fulghum. I was trying to find which of his books, because he wrote a couple books. It came out of 1 or 2 books, either All I Ever Needed To Know I Learned In Kindergarten or second book, It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It. Both excellent books. He talks about not yet and how in the Sufi culture, which in Indonesia there’s Sufism, so it makes sense, that part of the world, the concept of not yet. I remember that it resonated with me when I read it. That was when I was in my twenties. As you say, I am the god of enthusiasm. I like that concept of there’s many things that I’m going to do in my life, but they may not have happened right now. I’m working towards stuff. It takes the pressure off, I think.

The other thing I like about it, one of the things that Buckminster Fuller said is that he’s a verb. He doesn’t know what he is, but he’s a verb. There’s something about this that has not yet reminded us that we’re not a static thing. We’re not a noun. We’re verbs. We’re in action. We’re in motion, we’re evolving, we’re changing, we’re growing. It does not yet remind me that we’re more like a fish swimming in a stream than a rock that sits there.

There are a couple of people I listened to. Joe Rogan said this and Tom Bilyeu said it as well, The Impact Theory host. Joe Rogan said he’d love to live five lifetimes because he’d like to learn multiple languages and do different sports and try different things. He added, “I’ve taught myself to think that way.” I’m like, “That’s an important way to think.” Not yet reminds me we could choose another chapter. We can write another book. You’re launching a whole new career as a speaker and, apparently, a whole new thing as a podcast host now too.

Not yet allows me to fearlessly go out and create all this content. I believe the audience will find me. I believe that my YouTube channel will grow and that more people will find the videos and find this and be fascinated by watching our journey. The fact that I don’t have 5,000 subscribers or whatever, or my podcast has been downloaded 50,000 times in a week or something, is fine. Not yet. It’s going to happen. I just need to put that out. I think one of the big things is you. I’ve talked a little about it having to be perfect, and I can’t put this out until it’s polished. Writing the book. I’m doing this the way I work best, leaning into what I do best, which is talking.

Speaking Is The New Writing

You’ll like this. I came up with this. Speaking is the new writing.

You’re not just speaking to yourself. You’re speaking to me. It’s a live, it’s a conversation. You’re engaged. I’m engaged. You’re writing your book by speaking it out. It’s easy for you. Speaking is the new writing. I came up with that. I must confess, Audible’s got listening is the new reading. I was riffing off that. I like that. Speaking is the new writing because why should you have to type it? That doesn’t make any sense.

Speaking is the new writing because you’re not just speaking to yourself. You’re speaking to others. Your words are alive, and you’re engaged.

Being that I was a History major, let’s take a moment and observe history, which is to say that until the 1400s when Gutenberg invented the printing press, 90% of everything was oral history, was spoken, not written down.

Why do we think that the only proper way to write is by typing on our computer or writing long hand? People don’t even know how to read and write or they didn’t have computers or typewriters.

To take that one step further and put it into perspective, in 1990, I was fortunate enough to go over to Australia to study, and I was studying settler history, if you want to call it White Australian history. I also was studying aboriginal history. The Aborigines have been around in Australia for 60,000 years. They are an orally based culture. Everything is stories. The concept of the dream time, which is how the Earth came to be, is an oral history.

What I learned through that and my professor was Aboriginal and I learned so much from the experiences that he exposed me to about history. It changed how I think about history because everything I was reading about Aboriginal history was written down by a missionary who was interpreting what they were being told and wrote it down. Once it was written down, that’s how it happened. As we all know, you and I could observe the same event and have completely different takes on what happened.

That’s even if we didn’t have an agenda to have a different interpretation.

Once we write it down and we read it, we’ve all been conditioned to take it as gospel. That’s the way this is.

That’s the power of writing things down or capturing them in some fixed form. I think that also applies to audios and video.

I think speaking is the new writing, that’s awesome. It’s actually the way it’s been for a few hundred thousand if not a few million years.

With your history background, you might know this because I read, but I haven’t got the exact info. Maybe you have it, though. It’s so interesting. In the oral cultures in places like Australia or maybe it was Africa, they had to memorize the songs absolutely perfectly because it would guide them through the Sahara Desert or guide them through the landscape. It was like a map. They had to memorize not just the gist of the story but also the actual oral tradition, which was memorized in song so that it was very precise.

Songs most definitely were. There were certain songs that were absolutely in oral cultures to help tell a particular story with particular facts. However, in our lives, we always have stories, family stories, whatever we tell them, things change a little. Not necessarily intentionally or for the bad, but you may emphasize a particular story more. You and I have a fabulous story of being in Mexico. As the years go on, we will tell the stories of going to the pyramids in the driving rain and all of that. We might emphasize the wind more one time and the rain another time. Both are factual events, but the degree of wind, how cold we were.

That was a great trip. Thank you. It was like my high point. That was February 2020. After that. I’m like, “I’m going to do exotic events with awesome people. I’m going to double down on that plan,” and then one month later, Coronavirus. You’re like, “All events canceled.” I am going to do those events, just not yet.

You’re not doing them, and they’re not going to happen. It’s just not yet.

It doesn’t mean that if you’re not doing things, they’re not going to happen. It’s just not yet.

Using “Not Yet” To Empower

How would you recommend that people have these two handy words in their pocket? Can you give some other examples of using not yet to empower you?

Sure. I thought about it and I wrote down things in my life that are not yet. Bestselling author. That is coming. I know that, but it’s not right now. Not yet. Being a guest on the Today Show and on Ellen Show. Two places, that’s going to happen. I know it is. Speak to a stadium full of people. You mentioned my talking to 10,000 people. Not yet. That’s happening.

Get my pilot’s license. I am fascinated by flying. I’ve always wanted my private pilot’s license. I’ve done an incredible amount of research. I’ve flown on my flight simulator for hundreds of hours. I feel fully confident that if the whole entire airline crew were to somehow have a catastrophic sickness, I could land a 747 at San Francisco. Not really.

That helps me already because I don’t know if you know this, but I did part of my pilot’s license. I wrote one of the exams and I’ve got some of the hours when people ask me, “Do you have your pilot’s license?” I usually say, “No, I didn’t finish it.” Not yet. I haven’t gotten it yet. I like that so much better. It doesn’t have that kick of permanent failure. I could finish it later.

You could. I know I’ve done enough research to understand that the proper way to get a pilot’s license is to know that you have the time to fly twice a week and have that time. We all have excuses as though I don’t have time. It is simply making time in your week to say, “This is important enough that I’m going to do this.”

Right now, it’s not.

Not yet. Here’s the other thing. Some not yet won’t happen and that’s okay. I think that optimism of saying not yet, you might go back and get your pilot’s license. You might not.

Some not yets won’t happen, and that’s okay.

Maybe another lifetime. I love that it keeps the door open until my last breath.

Even if you’re lying on your deathbed, “I’m reviewing my life,” if I say, “I never got my pilot’s license.” I didn’t give up on the dream. Perhaps there were other things that I wanted to do even more.

I like that it emphasizes the choice aspect, which is empowering rather than the failure aspect of a harsh no. The other thing I think this can relate to is I was listening to Mel Robbins on one of her podcasts. I love her. She’s The 5 Second Rule lady. She was talking about the science of visualization and how important it is to visualize the future you want. It says in the Bible, “Pray giving thanks as if you’ve already received it.”

Sometimes, that trips me up a bit because I’m like, “I haven’t achieved that yet. How can I lean into that?” I think you are not yet is so handy because it’s like, it’s not a no, it’s evolving. I can give thanks right now for you becoming a bestselling author with the book you are working on with my support. You haven’t become a bestselling author yet, but it’s inevitable in my heart and mind with this product.

EPIC Beigns With 1 Step Forward | Not Yet Mindset

EPIC Begins With 1 Step Forward: How To Plan, Achieve, and Enjoy The Journey


My journey, my success is going to happen. Exactly how it’s going to look, I don’t know. I certainly spend a lot of time visualizing what it is that I want. As I’m reading You Are A Badass, talking about everything in the universe is already there. You just got to pay attention and we have to believe in ourself. I think not yet is a hug for yourself.

You can’t reach out your mental hand to grasp something unless you are aligned with it. Sometimes what keeps us from being aligned with it is because we haven’t done the work yet and we don’t deserve it, honestly, or sometimes it’s self-doubt. Sometimes we need to be reminded that the not yet is a little bridge to a little bit more time. I like that.


As with any journey, some journeys are short like my journey to Safeway to buy eggs, your journey to get your MBA or my journey to get my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling. A bit of a longer journey. You never doubted the path that you were on, but you also realized that you weren’t getting your MBA just like that. There was time and work that’s involved.

You’re talking about journeys and you’re talking about our journey. I feel like I should pop in here because we’ve mentioned on a couple of previous episodes that I set myself that new high bar goal of a $100,000 in 100 days, which I ticked off for the first 100 days. Now I’m in the second 100-day period and I got a $90,000 deal signed. Looking good for the $100,000 and 100 days.

You’re literally 90% there. Knowing you, that final $10,000 is probably not that hard. In fact, it probably happened or something. Congratulations. That’s awesome. Not yet. When I think about it, I love being able to say that, especially when doing what I’m doing, which doesn’t have a track record. For a lot of people, when I say, “I’m a motivational speaker and author,” I don’t know why people are like, “You’re not really working.” I mentioned my YouTube channel, and someone came back and said, “You don’t have a lot of subscribers.” I said, “Not yet. I’m not a celebrity right now.”

It takes time and it takes putting out content. What I like about this plan is YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. I’m on YouTube all the time. I listen to almost all my podcasts on YouTube or sometimes on Spotify, but usually on YouTube because I occasionally like to look at the people. It’s a matter of continuing to put out content. We’re building all this content, which you haven’t posted most of it at all yet because we have a post-launch plan. The second biggest search engine is YouTube, and then the third is actually Amazon. When your book is launched, I know you’ve got a book up there already, but that is another way for people to find you organically without you paying per click on Google or Facebook.

It’s also this whole process is learning. I believe that it was Zig Ziglar who was an awesome motivational speaker. I had the pleasure to meet him many years ago.

He was a legend.

Success Takes Time And Consistency

It may not be him, so if I’m misquoting, but I believe it was Zig Ziglar who said it was a seven-year overnight success. I certainly hope this doesn’t take seven years. However, the point is it takes time. It takes consistency. You build your audience and you put your product out there. That’s what I’m doing and that’s what I’m excited about. It’s creating the content. I know in my heart that if I’m consistent in putting up the content, I quote from Field of Dreams, “If I build it, they will come.” If I create it, they will listen.

Success takes time and consistency.

The cool thing about doing it this way is you’re discovering your authentic voice, and you’re leaning into that more and more. The seven-year overnight success, you’ve been working on becoming a more powerful speaker and a more skilled coach or mentor or consultant or a mental health professional for a long time, for more than seven years.

When you stand at the front of the room, holding the mic, you are confident. Everybody in the room feels better and uplifted. You command attention with ease, joy and grace. It’s fun. You add so much fun to a room that’s very difficult for most people. I know it comes naturally to you and you’ve also had a lot of time to build that skill. You’ve laid down the mile and built that capacity, and your confidence is based upon real-life feedback. That works. People like listening to you.

I know one of the things, Aurora, that you’re excited about being on this journey is for at least a decade, you’re like, “Superstar.” I appreciate your consistent encouragement. It’s not that I haven’t seen it or believed it, but again, sometimes, it’s not yet. Right now is now not yet. It’s not the time to go do that.

It’s interesting because I know you so well, the only reason why this is not a good time for you to launch your speaking career is the world pandemic and the Coronavirus. Everything else was actually lined up. You were ready.

To the pandemic as an excuse not to do what I’m so ready to do, who cares? I’m still doing it.

It may be, in some paradoxical way, we’ll see a good time because people are eager for encouragement. You’re very encouraging. They all could use the God of enthusiasm, that’s for sure. Your energy is in the sound wave of these files and will be in your book. People are reading more and listening to more audiobooks and listening to more podcasts because they want distraction, information or inspiration. You provide all of those things. Surprisingly, be a good time for that part. You’re speaking. You might have to be on Zoom for a little while, although I do see that some TV shows are launching up again. Joe Rogan has been testing people, and various other hosts have live guests. They could test.

Your Epic Journey

One more thing that I wanted to share about my not yet, the last thing I came up with is that my work helps a million-plus people. I’m so dedicated to helping people to embrace the choices that they have in their lives and their own epic journeys. They need to take that one step forward to start going on that journey because it is so powerful to know that they say, “I’m doing something epic.”

I want the audience to understand that epic can be big, but epic could be something as simple as feeling more confident when you have to stand in front of an audience or speak up at work. You’ve always been timid in it, making you scared, but you have a lot to say and want to share more. That could be your epic journey. Your epic journey could be let’s say there’s a family history of maybe not so healthy eating and high blood pressure and diabetes. You look and say, “I don’t want that for myself.” Your epic journey could be, “I am choosing to go on this epic change, but my family won’t understand.”

Epic can be really big, but epic could also be something as simple as feeling more confident when you have to stand in front of an audience or speak up at work.

I have to share that since you scolded me in a previous episode, I have not had any ice cream or frozen yogurt in the house, which is epic. You’re so right. Not having the temptation there is good. I’ve been following your wisdom on that

I’m sorry if I scolded too much, but it is true. My point is that all of our epic journeys are different. Mine is this big, bold thing because that’s what I want. I perhaps have a sickness that 99% of the world doesn’t have, which is I want a microphone and talk in front of people as often as possible.

There’s a little magnetic spot in your hand that the mic belongs.

I like the fact that instead of fighting that, Aurora, when I come to the events, I have my own mic.

Your Not Yet List

I know it’s like, “That’s Zander’s mic.” These are great tips. I think this is the lightest feeling one that we’ve done, this whole not yet. I’m going to have that going in my heart and mind for the rest of the day. I’d love people to make that list that you suggested of the things that they have not done yet. You’re not yet list, which is so much more fun than a to-do list. What other tips do you have for people to lean into this concept of not yet?

You actually took the first one, which is to make a list of your not yet. I made a list for myself and then I’m like, “What’s my tip?” Make a list. It’s good enough for me. It’s good enough for you. Choose 1 or 2 things and create a plan for your not yet because it’s great to say, “I want to go get my pilot’s license,” or, “I want to be a bestselling author,” but if I don’t have a plan to write a book, I can’t be a bestselling author.

It’s necessary to have a book.

It’s necessary to take flight lessons to get your license. Make a plan that you don’t have to have a plan for every single thing. There are things that you say, “I want to do this.”

You can have it on your not yet list without it being actively sitting there.

There are certainly things. Perhaps you want to have children or whatever, but you realize that’s not something that’s you’re going to do right this second. It’s fine. It’s on there. Here’s the great thing. When we write, when we say it out loud, and when we proclaim to the universe the things that we want in our lives, it’s funny how stuff actually comes to us.

When we proclaim to the universe the things that we want in our lives, it’s funny how stuff actually comes to us.

It’s so funny. It’s amazing. I’ve noticed that with my $100,000 in 100 days challenge to myself.

The last thing I want to say is in the face of adversity, remember not yet because it can be your lifesaver, your life preserver. Certainly, we’re in a time where there’s not lots of sunshine and joy. In fact, right now, it’s a little lighter, but it’s been dark as dusk and smoky and ashy, and there are fires everywhere here in California, including a number of other things. Keep in mind that not everything is sunshine and rainbows, but when it isn’t as good, not yet is such a buoy, a life ring, a life preserver to go, “Not yet.”

Even your shoulders went down when you said it. I could imagine everybody doing that. Those are some wonderful tips. I’m going to make my not yet list. That is cool. Am I cutting you off or have you completed your tips?

I have no more words on my paper. I don’t have more words on my mouth.

There better be a couple more words because in a minute, we’re going to come back and find out what the next episode is going to be about. Before we get that from Zander, please go to ZanderSprague.com. Go visit his YouTube channel as well. When you visit ZanderSprague.com, you’re going to get some amazing free gifts, including A PDF that you can download and print. Put it on your fridge, mirror, car, or notebook. That will remind you of the fact that epic begins with one step forward. This is so encouraging. You’re going to want to take advantage of that and some other goodies at ZanderSprague.com.

You can also get your Thought Leader Starter Library absolutely for free on my website, ThoughtLeaderLaunch.com. As you can see, I love launching thought leaders like Zander, so go to ThoughtLeaderLaunch.com and take advantage of those absolutely free goodies. The other benefit will be that as Zander’s book is launched and he has a live cast coming up for his book or this, that, and the other thing, we’ll make sure that you get the best deals and that you get the advance notice of these things that are coming up fairly soon. Zander, what are we going to be talking about in the next episode?

In the next episode, I believe that what I would love for us to talk about, and I think you’re going to like this one, embrace how you work, lean into your strength.

I love this one. Doing this with you is such a joy and it was part of my $100,000 in 100 days. What are you good at? What do you like to do?

How do I work? The books that I’ve written, I did by dictating. I had something to work with. I go in and do editing and stuff like that. When I tried to write my first book, I sat down and it was so hard. I was staring at blank pages or half a page and it was like, “This sucks.” I had this epiphany, “You don’t have to do it that way. Go in.” I got a tape recorder. I dictated what I wanted to say. I had someone transcribe it, then I had something to work with. I’m looking forward to our taking time and we could both share leaning into how we work.

Writing, especially for you.

Also, if you don’t know your strengths, figure out where your strength lies because I can tell you that doing this, although it’s work, doesn’t feel like work. The episodes I’m doing with other people that will be on my YouTube channel are not work. I don’t look at it and go, “I have to go do.” No. I’m like, “It’s great.”

One more question. I’m curious, how are you finding this process, the spoken author process that we’re doing together, the same or different from recording into your tape recorder yourself? What difference does it make to you that I’m here with you asking you questions and engaging?

First of all, I think so much richer because when you’re dictating, it is asynchronous. It’s me talking. I get it back and then I’m like, “Wow.” I don’t know. This is so much better because I think there’s a lot deeper content because we’re interacting. What I end up with is stuff that, as I’m looking at it, after I’ve put it through the script and I have the transcript, has so many more launching points. We’ve had a conversation and stuff I wouldn’t have necessarily thought about if I were dictating myself. However, because we’re having this conversation, I’m like, “I can expand on that,” or, “I hadn’t thought of that.” The best part is that I start each episode with you. We have a subject, but we have no idea where we’re going.

When I write or dictate and I’m writing myself, I feel like I’m on a highway. When I’m speaking with you, it’s like it’s 3D, like fireworks. It explodes in all these different interesting directions and different colors. Does that seem right to you, or would you have a different metaphor?

No. You’re right. It is like going down a highway. It’s very mile markers and another page and another. Whereas here, you’re right, it is 3D. It’s all the axes and it’s fun. I know where we’re starting, but who knows what the destination and what each episode is. For the audience, you’re like, “These are so long.” They’re long because we’re having a lot of fun.

Yeah, it’s fun. It’s interesting. It’s richer. That was a great episode. Not yet. Don’t forget to visit ZanderSprague.com. Check out his YouTube channel so you can see his beautiful smiling face and actually see that God of enthusiasm in person. Talk to you next time.

Talk to you later.


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